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Start Living the Life you Love and Find the Love of Your Life.

The journey to a fulfilling life & partnership begins with a healthy relationship with yourself. Feel great about who you are and the life you are creating.

...even if you're frustrated with dating or deepening your current relationship, don't give up! Gain clarity and step-by-step guidance to build the life you deserve.

6 Week Group Coaching Program For Women
(Starts Tue-August 20th)

"... Irena helped me figure out my behavior pattern and gave me practical tools to overcome the pattern that is not helping me in my growth. The best part of the coaching is the fact that my relationship with myself has improved immensely. I always felt that she sincerely cared about me and was committed to helping me. I couldn’t speak highly of how she helped me clarify my thoughts during our coaching sessions. After a few sessions with Irena, my therapist noticed positive changes in me during our session, I am so grateful for the help she has given me and I felt safe during our work together. I would recommend Irena to anyone looking for help in dating & relationships, who is serious about changing themselves."

S. Daksh

"... Irena is all about recognizing what you struggle with and learning to accept yourself and love your life anyways. She’s a social butterfly and will definitely keep your calendar full of fun events, activities and opportunities to meet people and make meaningful connections. She’s also a behind the scenes matchmaker… not just for dates but she’s connected me with some great friendships as well. Before working with Irena, I was doing the typical monthly sessions with a therapist. As a coach, she’s more focused on self-awareness and empowerment. She’s available during the week for quick check-ins via text which has helped tremendously to keep me on the path to strive not just survive my life. She’s truly helped me reframe and focus my heart and mind on what I want in my life and stay excited on the journey getting there. 

Amy L.

"I met Irena at one of her events and soon scheduled an intro phone call, one I didn’t realize at the time was going to significantly impact my life. Working with Irena has been a game changer, in terms of how I see myself, relationships and really being able to define what I’m looking for. That ability to specifically articulate and differentiate between what’s actually fears vs values really makes the difference. As an ambitious working professional, I tend to put work first. Irena has helped me recognize the need for balance, and to differentiate between feminine and masculine energy in a way where you feel empowered to own it. She also helped me recognize my communication type challenges and actively work to address those traits to be better - these are all things I can absolutely thank Irena for!

Vijaya P.

By the end of the program, you will...

  • Develop healthy self-image, self-compassion and increase your self-esteem.

  • Create vibrant social life to serve your well-being and love life.

  • Feel much more confident to communicate your standards and set healthy boundaries.

  • Know how to assess compatibility for a potential relationship.

  • Have enough of essential communication skills to be in a healthy relationship.

This program is designed to empower you with practical tools to use in your life immediately.

Program consists of:

  • 6 Weekly 90-min long coaching sessions

  • Recording of each session (if you can't make it or wish to re-watch it)

  • Ongoing access to and support by the coach between sessions

  • Access to private WhatsApp group to support each other and be part of the tribe

  • Actionable steps to apply right away

Hi! I am a Life and Relationship Coach, Irena Polyakova.

I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to not only feel great about themselves but also create the life they truly enjoy.

After having gone through many relationships struggles myself and having learned what it takes to be thriving in life and in love, I am dedicated to share this earned wisdom with you.

So, if you're ready to create possibilities, make your social life fun and vibrant and dating life effortless, let's get started!

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