ABOUT Irena’s Love Mastery Coaching

Irena is a passionate Life and Relationship Coach on a mission to reshape the statistics on loneliness. Drawing from her personal journey and a wealth of knowledge gained through extensive academic and life education, she guides her clients toward cultivating a healthy self-perception and a more fulfilling life.

Irena coaches people in discovering their own strength and resilience, guiding them through processing past trauma and fostering a positive mindset, ultimately bringing them closer to healthier versions of themselves. By providing essential relationship and dating skills, along with teaching the development of positive emotional intelligence, Irena brings people closer to their ultimate goal of living a life they love and finding the love they deserve.


My Love Mastery Coaching Program (1:1 & Group) helps men and women to transition from the frustration of current dating challenges to genuine effortless connections with potential mates, by, first, uncovering the roots of the problems, then reworking the mindset to replace the helplessness and confusion with sense of power, followed by equipping them with effective skills making them socially confident and relationship ready.


  • Gaining a deep insight into patterns and behaviors, and replacing negative beliefs with positive reinforcement.
  • Changing unhealthy mindset through developing positive intelligence, ensuring that interaction with selves, other and the world stems from a thrive mode instead of a survival mode.
  • Unlearning unhelpful methods of dating and acquiring new effective skills to increase social confidence to attract connections with a potential for a long term fulfilling companionship.


Irena’s Love Mastery Coaching


Podcast 1: Inside and Beyond Podcast

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Finding a perfect date that develops into a lasting relationship is difficult in the digital age. While online dating apps are there to make it easier, it is not always the case. This episode discusses how to make the most out of online dating and maximise your chances of finding love. Irene Polyakova is a dating coach on a mission to transform the statistics on loneliness.

Podcast 2: Stubborn Love Podcast

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Irena helps people overcome toxic relationship patterns from their childhood so they can master love in adult relationships. 

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What it’s like growing up in an emotionally abusive environment.

  • Why it’s important to recognize red flags in relationships and discover what changes you need to make for a healthy relationship.

  • Re-parenting, healing the inner child, and identifying and challenging self-limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachment styles. 

  • The challenges of online dating and their experience with consensual non-monogamy. 

Irena was born and raised in Ukraine. After moving to USA in 2001 in search of better life and getting married at 23, her envisioned happily ever after crumbled very quickly. Growing up in an environment where all her emotions had to be suppressed, feeling unloved and abandoned, she only learned how to be ready for a fight, how to blame others and how to look for external validation desperately trying to feel worthy. 

After trying out various types of relationships, monogamy & polyamory, after having my two children, and living in different countries,she realized that she was the common denominator in all her unsuccessful attempts at relationships. She had to make changes. And she did. It was a long and painful process, but it was worth it. Now, being back in USA, she is dedicated to help others to acquire crucial skills for forming and sustaining healthy relationships.

Resources from this episode


Noteworthy quotes from this episode:

“Because when we get triggered, this only points us in the area where work is needed. So when kids trigger me, that means something is healing within me, it’s not the kids, it’s me and it has made my parenting. It’s still challenging. Don’t get me wrong, but it has made it much easier.”

“I think the biggest issue they deal with is they’re probably still using some kind of coping mechanisms they acquired long ago and they’re just not realizing that their belief system is no longer serving them. And instead of reevaluating this system and their mechanisms and their default modes, they just keep applying them and applying, but it’s no longer working.“

Connect with Irena

Website: www.LovedandFulfilled.com

Love Mastery Program: https://lovedandfulfilled.com/program/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovemasterycoaching

Podcast 3: Going Solo Network LIVE show “Date the right one”

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Are you tired of feeling lonely and frustrated with the dating scene? Do you want to learn proven strategies that will make it easier to connect with amazing partners? Then you’ll definitely want to watch this show with Dating Expert, Irene Polyakova www.LovedandFulfilled.com because she is about to reveal how to create meaningful connections with the right skills.

From Lacking Dating Life to Meaningful Connections with the Right Skills with Elite Guest, Irena Polyakova Dating & Relationship Coach www.LovedandFulfilled.com and Host, Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships, Divorce, Dating & Relationship Coach in the Date The Right 1 Show..

Podcast 4: Men Of Now


Short Description

In today’s episode, we’re welcoming Irena Polyakova, a Dating Coach with a unique story and history of helping men find love and fulfillment in life.

As Men Of Now, we are always trying to level up. What better way to do so than by talking about the dating world today with a dating coach that’s helping others succeed?
Irena will be bringing a unique insight on dating apps, what women are actually looking for, overcoming rejection, how to make first dates memorable, and so much more.
This is DEFINITELY not one to miss!

Also, Irena is providing a special discount for anyone looking to level up their dating life. Click below to take advantage of this special offer, group coaching begins in just a few weeks!


Podcast 5: Dating coach: Prequel to season 2


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Episode is discussing the blind sides of looking for love in wrong place from wrong people due to unprocessed childhood trauma and lack of self-love. Irena gives an insights into her own personal journey, while guiding the host and the listeners towards understanding of how crucial it is to reflect on past and to form healthy approach to connections. She shares dating tips and explains how coaching can benefit a person while looking for love.

Podcast 6: Men Seeking Love, with Irena Polyakova

Short Description
Irena Polyakova is a Dating and Relationship Coach with a deep-rooted desire to help people raise self-love and self-acceptance as well as find love. She draws upon her own experiences and a wealth of knowledge acquired through rigorous academic and life education. Her dedication lies in equipping people with the necessary tools and skills to connect to themselves and others in the healthiest way possible, in order to establish and cultivate fulfilling long-term relationships and live life to the fullest, free of self-sabotage, taking control over creating a positive change.

Podcast 7: Mastering Meaningful Connections with Life and Dating Coach, Irena Polyakova


Short Description
  • Frustration and Transformation in Dating
  • Belief Systems and Communication in Relationships
  • Improving Communication and Connection in Dating
  • Online Dating
  • Clear Roadmap to Reach Relationship Goals

Short Description

By popular demand we did a deep-dive on the cultural differences between Eastern European women and Western men when it comes to dating. All you needed to know but was afraid to ask! Two Eastern European women, who are also life coaches, share about their personal and clients’ experiences so that you can navigate awkward topics and create truly fulfilling relationships. Irena Polyakova is a dating coach on a mission to transform the statistics on loneliness.


Irena was wonderful as she helped me gain an understanding of myself and what it was exactly I was looking for in a partner. After years of empty and unfulfilling relationships, I was ready to give up again. Irena helped me realize the pitfalls and distractions that plaque relationships are usually quite menial and very manageable. Learning to communicate is essential to building and growing a strong and lasting partnership. Her passion for helping and teaching has changed my life. I did not feel like a client at all. Instead, I felt Irena genuinely cared and was somehow invested in our success. Without Irena’s expertise and wisdom I do not believe my relationship stood a chance.
Timothy B.

Recently I turned to Irena for advice on my dating life, which can be uncomfortable and confusing, let alone it is all now online. She was able to give me amazing inside tips and direction, which I couldn’t have known before. I had difficulty getting quality matches using online apps, she guided me to create a compelling profile & choose photos to use and requests started to pour in. I am so happy to have a coach on my side like Irena to help navigate the rocky waters of dating! After her coaching I feel empowered to keep going on dates while looking for ‘the one’. And when I do meet a special someone to start the relationship with, I will gladly use her coaching help to ensure its success.
Natalie T.

I had invested into Irena’s Love Mastery coaching program, because I knew I needed guidance in my dating life. I seemed to be getting girls’ attention and getting to first dates, but could never get seconds. Being coached by Irena for a few weeks, I had learned so much! She had taught me how to communicate and listen, how to make a date memorable, how to compliment and to touch, where to go on a date and when. She helped to revamp my online dating profile and taught me how to open and how to lead a conversation, standing out of the crowd of high competition. And most importantly she helped me gain insights into woman’s psychology and body language that I was totally clueless about. And now I feel like I have a dating super power. My confidence and social skills have improved significantly with her help. And this is only possible because of Irena’s coaching!
Dylan W.


97% of Irena’s clients describe her coaching as:

– Very helpful and supportive
– Insightful and full of wisdom
– Clearly outlined actionable steps

Irena Polyakova

Irena, a passionate Life and Relationship Coach on a mission to transform the statistics on loneliness. With a deep-rooted desire to help people find love within themselves and in a healthy relationship, she draws upon her own experiences and a wealth of knowledge acquired through rigorous academic and life education.

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