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"Irena was wonderful as she helped me gain an understanding of myself and what it was exactly I was looking for in a partner. After years of empty and unfulfilling relationships, I was ready to give up again. Irena helped me realize the pitfalls and distractions that plague relationships are usually quite menial and very manageable. Learning to communicate is essential to building and growing a strong and lasting partnership. Her passion for helping and teaching has changed my life. I did not feel like a client at all. Instead, I felt Irena genuinely cared and was somehow invested in our success. Without Irena’s expertise and wisdom, I do not believe my relationship stood a chance."   

Timothy V.

"Recently, I turned to Irena for advice on my dating life, which can be uncomfortable and confusing, let alone it is all now online. She was able to give me amazing inside tops and direction, which I couldn’t have known before. I had difficulty getting quality matches using online apps, she guided me to create a compelling profile and choose photos to use and requests started to pour in. I am so happy to have a coach on my side like Irena to help navigate the rocky waters of dating! After her coaching, I feel empowered to keep going on dates while looking for ‘the one’. And when I do meet a special someone to start the relationship with, I will gladly use her coaching help to ensure its success."

Natalie T.

Vienna, Austria

"I had invested into Irena’s Love Mastery Coaching Program because I knew I needed guidance in my dating life. I seemed to be getting girl’s attention and getting to first dates, but could never get seconds. Being coached by Irena for a few weeks, I had learned so much! She had taught me how to communicate and listen, how to make a date memorable, how to compliment and to touch, where to go on a date and when. She helped to revamp my online dating profile and taught me how to open and how to lead a conversation, standing out of the crowd of high competition. And most importantly she helped me gain insights into woman’s psychology and body language that I was totally clueless about. And now, I feel like I have a dating super power. My confidence and social skills have improved significantly with her help. And this is only possible because of Irena’s coaching."

Dylan W.


"Irena helped me go through a hard breakup and come out stronger at the other end. What I mostly appreciated was her deep wisdom rooted in her own experiences, and she always adjusted her support to what I needed at the point of time. I felt no pressure while she was guiding me on how to process everything in my own time, while equipping me with the tools to work the situation out. Providing her support whenever I needed & encouraging me every step of the way. She has taught me how to believe in and love myself. Congratulating me for my successes and supporting me through the rough patches, she showed me the way to my true power."

Roxana I.

Vienna, Austria

"Raising two children alone is not an easy task, but creating a personal life while doing it is even harder. When I met a man, with whom I felt there was a potential to build a relationship, I quickly realized I did not know how to develop this connection without comparing all to my past experiences. Having had disappointing relationships in the past, not having a healthy role model of a relationship from my own parents when I was a child, made it hard to know what is actually healthy in relationship. With Irena’s help, I gained the needed insight and tools. She helped me to uncover unhealthy patterns and my go-to default modes I did not even realize I had while interacting with men. She helped me to become aware of not projecting my own fears, expectations and insecurities onto a man. She coached me on communication and conflict resolution skills, which are crucial in any connection. I am very happy I used Irena’s guidance in developing relationship skills, which are crucial in any connection. I am very happy I used Irena’s guidance in developing relationship skills and it has even helped me to improve relationship with myself and my children."

Julie T.

"I met Irena initially as a participant in one of her social/dating events she regularly hosts. Then, she became an invaluable part of my well-being journey as my coach. I needed help to stay motivated in reaching my fitness goals, but what started as a physical transformation, turned into a full life make-over thanks to Irena’s integrated approach. I was not just physically more fit, but felt supported in every area of my life which eventually helped me become much more resilient and stronger emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Irena has been a great role model and inspiration regarding cultivating self-love, building confidence and working towards my goals. She has been my rock through many challenging times and biggest cheerleader ever since, always reminding me of my past and current achievements, how much I’ve changed, what I’m capable of. After years of working together, I now feel lucky to call her a friend. She’s the perfect blend of compassion and professionalism, leading by example and inspiring people around her to become better versions of themselves."

Gizem D.
Istanbul, Turkey

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