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Understanding Women in the Dating World

Understanding Women in the Dating World

September 08, 20232 min read

Navigating the world of dating can often feel like deciphering a complex puzzle. I’m sure we can all agree on that. Several times a month, I take the initiative to organize and host social and dating events where I employ a unique approach: I hand out little envelopes containing thought-provoking questions. Interestingly, one question consistently generates the most engagement: “What should men know about women, and vice versa?” This exercise serves as a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the opposite gender, fostering understanding rather than blame. So, what are some crucial insights that men often overlook about women? The notion that “women are impossible to understand” is a myth. The key to unraveling this mystery lies in effective, direct communication—an area I’ll delve into in a future post.

Allow me to offer you insights based on my perspective as both a woman and a dating and relationship coach:

1. Confidence is Key: Women are biologically wired to seek security in a man, and confidence is a significant factor in providing that sense of security. Regardless of physical appearance, confidence is attractive and instills a feeling of protection, which is pivotal for women when considering a relationship. The good news is, confidence is a skill that can be developed.
2. The Power of Observation: Women tend to be more intuitive and observant than men realize. When preparing for a date, remember that women notice every detail, from your appearance to your grooming. Presentation matters, so make sure you’re well put together.
3. Trust and Emotional Connection: Even strong and independent women desire a sense of submission to a man, but trust is the key. To let her guard down and embrace her femininity, she must feel heard and cared for. On initial meetings, employ the 80/20 rule: listen 80% of the time and speak 20%. Trust forms the foundation for mutual complementarity.
4. Emotional Connection Before Physical Intimacy: Healthy women seek an emotional connection before engaging in sex. Displaying sexual discipline and patience in the early stages of dating will deepen her connection with you.
5. Shared Insecurities: Women are not superior to men; they grapple with self-limiting beliefs and insecurities as well.
6. Listening vs. Problem-Solving: Sometimes, women don’t seek solutions; they simply need to vent and be heard to reduce stress. Before offering solutions, ask if she wants help or just needs a listening ear.
7. Flirting with No Intent: A woman may flirt without intending to pursue a romantic relationship. Sometimes, it’s merely a confidence boost. If uncertain, communicate openly about your intentions.

Enhanced understanding between men and women can pave the way for more fulfilling relationships, where differences are embraced rather than feared. Knowledge is indeed power on this journey to lasting connections.

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Irena Polyakova

Irena, a passionate Life and Relationship Coach on a mission to transform the statistics on loneliness. With a deep-rooted desire to help people find love within themselves and in a healthy relationship, she draws upon her own experiences and a wealth of knowledge acquired through rigorous academic and life education.

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