Embark on the path to your most fulfilling life by cultivating resilience and confidence.

Reach harmony within yourself and in your relationships.

Understanding Current Obstacles


  • ​Uncover the roots of your current obstacles.

  • Understand what exactly is holding you back from living your best life.

  • Gain clarity on your life’s goals & desires, meaning & purpose to get a precise roadmap toward fulfilling them..


It is impossible to overcome a problem without knowing its roots. In this phase of coaching, you will gain deep insight into your patterns and behaviors, to understand what potential trauma and limiting beliefs have been holding you up.

Developing a healthy self-image


  • Evaluate current mindset of relating to yourself, others and the world.

  • Get practical tools to deconstruct limiting beliefs.

  • Embrace your authenticity.

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries.

  • Build emotional resilience


Mindset is everything in approaching anything in life. You are what you think and believe. Gaining control over your mind instead of letting it run your life is the key to a healthier happier life while being present and invincible.

Learning to thrive instead of surviving


  • Raise your positive intelligence to thrive.

  • Silence your self-sabotaging ‘voices’ and overcome fears.

  • Replace old coping mechanisms with effective tools to manage stress.


Busying yourself with day-to-day life without pause doesn’t allow to thrive. Learn to savor life by equipping yourself with tools of positive intelligence to be able to observe, pause and practice, to live to the fullest.

Creating an exhilarating social life


  • Overcome social challenges.

  • Learn to nurture connections and make great friends.

  • Build close genuine connections and friendships to meet the need of belonging


Your life literally depends on whether you have a close social network. As humans we need to belong to a group. Find your tribe to stop feeling lonely and fill your free time with genuine connections and beautiful shared experiences.

Becoming Relationship Ready


  • Develop a healthy relationship model to look for a partner.

  • Embrace vulnerability & learn to express emotions in a healthy way.

  • Learn to choose and not to settle.

  • Master conflict resolution skills.


We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. Become your best self in order to find a partner to create a healthy loving relationship instead of settling for less than you deserve or avoiding to look for love all together.

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